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Michelson, Bruce. Mark Twain on the Loose
A Comic Writer and the American Self
Mielke, Laura L. Moving Encounters
Sympathy and the Indian Question in Antebellum Literature
Miles, William F. S. with Samuel Benjamin Miles. My African Horse Problem
Milkis, Sidney M., and Jerome M. Mileur, eds. The Great Society and the High Tide of Liberalism [node-title]
Milkis, Sidney M., and Jerome M. Mileur, eds. Progressivism and the New Democracy
Milkis, Sidney M., and Jerome M. Mileur. The New Deal and the Triumph of Liberalism
Miller, Amelia F., and A. R. Riggs, eds. Romance, Remedies, and Revolution
The Journal of Dr. Elihu Ashley of Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1773-1775
Miller, Bonnie From Liberation to Conquest
The Visual and Popular Cultures of the Spanish-American War of 1898
Miller, Cristanne. Reading in Time
Emily Dickinson in the Nineteenth Century
Miller, Marla R. The Needle's Eye
Women and Work in the Age of Revolution
Miller, Marla R., ed. Cultivating a Past
Essays on the History of Hadley, Massachusetts
Miller, Matt. Bounce
Rap Music and Local Identity in New Orleans
Miller, Wilhelm. introduction by Christopher Vernon. The Prairie Spirit of Landscape Gardening (1915) [node-title]
Mills, Nathaniel. Ragged Revolutionaries
The Lumpenproletariat and African American Marxism in Depression-Era Literature
Milward, Andrew Malan. The Agriculture Hall of Fame
Mintz, Steven, and John Stauffer, eds. The Problem of Evil
Slavery, Freedom and the Ambiguities of American Reform
Mitchell, Charles E. Individualism and Its Discontents
Appropriations of Emerson, 1880-1950
Mitchell, Domhnall. Emily Dickinson
Monarch of Perception
Mitchell, Domhnall. Measures of Possibility
Emily Dickinson's Manuscripts
Mitchell, John, and The Massachusetts Audubon Society. illustrated by Gordon Morrison. The Curious Naturalist
A Handbook of Crafts, Games, Activities, and Ideas for Teaching Children about the Magical World of Nature