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Lopenzina, Drew. Through an Indian's Looking-Glass
A Cultural Biography of William Apess, Pequot
Lorenzen, Paul. translated by Karl Richard Pavlovic. Constructive Philosophy
Lourenço, Eduardo. edited by Carlos Veloso. Chaos and Splendor & Other Essays
Love, Harold. foreword by David D. Hall. The Culture and Commerce of Texts
Scribal Publication in Seventeenth-Century England
Lovenduski, Joni. Women and European Politics
Contemporary Feminism and Public Policy
Lowance, Mason I. Jr., Ellen E. Westbrook, and R. C. De Prospo, eds. The Stowe Debate
Rhetorical Strategies in "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
Lucas, Scott C. "A Mirror for Magistrates" and the Politics of the English Reformation [node-title]
Luebke, Thomas E., ed. Palace of State
The Eisenhower Executive Office Building
Luebke, Thomas E., ed. Civic Art
A Centennial History of the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts
Luey, Beth. House Stories
The Meanings of Home in a New England Town
Luey, Beth. Expanding the American Mind
Books and the Popularization of Knowledge
Lundie, Catherine A., ed. Restless Spirits
Ghost Stories by American Women, 1872-1926
Lupo, Alan. The Messiah Comes Tomorrow
Tales from the American Shtetl
Lurie, Lynn A. Corner of the Dead [node-title]
Luu, Le. translated by Ngo Vinh Hai, Nguyen Ba Chung, Kevin Bowen, and David Hunt. A Time Far Past
A Novel of Viet Nam
Lyman, Henry, ed. After Frost
An Anthology of Poetry from New England
Lyons, Daniel. The Last Good Man [node-title]
Lyons, Maura. William Dunlap and the Construction of an American Art History