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Kirk, Robin. The Monkey's Paw
New Chronicles from Peru
Klatt, L. S. Interloper
Klaus, Susan L. A Modern Arcadia
Frederick Law Olmsted Jr. and the Plan for Forest Hills Gardens
Kleinschmidt, Edward. First Language [node-title]
Kline, T. Jefferson. Bertolucci's Dream Loom
A Psychoanalytic Study of Cinema
Knickerbocker, Scott. Ecopoetics
The Language of Nature, the Nature of Language
Knoblauch, William M. Nuclear Freeze in a Cold War
The Reagan Administration, Cultural Activism, and the End of the Arms Race
Knott, Cheryl Not Free, Not for All
Public Libraries in the Age of Jim Crow
Kohler, Sue, and Pamela Scott, eds. Designing the Nation's Capital [node-title]
Koppelman, Robert S., ed. foreword by Pete Seeger. "Sing Out, Warning! Sing Out, Love!"
The Writings of Lee Hays
Korzi, Michael J. A Seat of Popular Leadership
The Presidency, Political Parties, and Democratic Government
Koslow, Francine Amy. Henry David Thoreau as a Source for Artistic Inspiration
Kowsky, Francis R. New photography by Andy Olenick. The Best Planned City in the World
Olmsted, Vaux, and the Buffalo Park System
Krajewski, Bruce. Traveling with Hermes
Hermeneutics and Rhetoric
Krohn, Claus-Dieter. translated by Rita Kimber and Robert Kimber. foreword by Arthur J. Vidich. Intellectuals in Exile
Refugee Scholars and the New School for Social Research
Krukowski, Lucian. Art and Concept
A Philosophical Study
Kuryla, Mary. Freak Weather
Kutz-Marks, David. Violin Playing Herself in a Mirror
Kuzmarov, Jeremy. Modernizing Repression
Police Training and Nation-Building in the American Century
Kuzmarov, Jeremy. The Myth of the Addicted Army
Vietnam and the Modern War on Drugs