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Hoyt, Daniel A. Then We Saw the Flames
Hrach, Thomas J. The Riot Report and the News
How the Kerner Commission Changed Media Coverage of Black America
Hribal, C. J. The Clouds in Memphis
Stories and Novellas
Huang, Yang. My Old Faithful
Hudson, James R. The Unanticipated City
Loft Conversions in Lower Manhattan
Hudson, Marc. Afterlight [node-title]
Huffman, Terry. Tribal Strengths and Native Education
Voices from the Reservation Classroom
Hulbert, Ann. The Interior Castle
The Art and Life of Jean Stafford
Hull, Lynda. Ghost Money [node-title]
Hunt, David. Vietnam's Southern Revolution
From Peasant Insurrection to Total War
Hutcheson, Martha Brookes. introduction by Rebecca Warren Davidson. The Spirit of the Garden (1923) [node-title]
Hutton, Patrick H. Philippe Aries and the Politics of French Cultural History [node-title]