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Hill, Errol. The Jamaican Stage, 1655-1900
Profile of a Colonial Theatre
Hill, Errol. foreword by John Houseman. Shakespeare in Sable
A History of Black Shakespearean Actors
Hill, Jeremy. Country Comes to Town
The Music Industry and the Transformation of Nashville
Hirschfeld, Heather Anne. Joint Enterprises
Collaborative Drama and the Institutionalization of the English Renaissance Theater
Hirst, Paul. Associative Democracy
New Forms of Economic and Social Governance
Hoberman, Michael. New Israel / New England
Jews and Puritans in Early America
Hoberman, Michael. How Strange It Seems
The Cultural Life of Jews in Small-Town New England
Hochman, Barbara. "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and the Reading Revolution
Race, Literacy, Childhood, and Fiction, 1851-1911
Hochman, Barbara. Getting at the Author
Reimagining Books and Reading in the Age of American Realism
Hodgen, Christie. A Jeweler's Eye for Flaw
Hodges, Devon L. Renaissance Fictions of Anatomy [node-title]
Hoffman, Amy Beth. An Army of Ex-Lovers
My life at the Gay Community News
Hoffman, Amy. Lies About My Family
A Memoir
Hoffmann, Charles, and Tess Hoffmann. Brotherly Love
Murder and the Politics of Prejudice in Nineteenth-Century Rhode Island
Hogan, Linda. Seeing through the Sun [node-title]
Hogarty, Richard A. Massachusetts Politics and Public Policy
Studies in Power and Leadership
Holden, Jonathan. The Names of the Rapids [node-title]
Holtzberg, Maggie. Keepers of Tradition
Art and Folk Heritage in Massachusetts
Holzman, Michael. James Jesus Angleton, the CIA, and the Craft of Counterintelligence
Honey, Maureen. Creating Rosie the Riveter
Class, Gender, and Propaganda during World War II