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Guillen, Nicolas. translated by Roberto Marquez and David Arthur McMurray. Man-Making Words
Selected Poems of Nicolas Guillen
Gulick, Edward. foreword by Paul A. Cohen. Teaching in Wartime China
A Photo-Memoir, 1937-1939
Gumprecht, Blake. The American College Town [node-title]
Gunn, Drewey Wayne, and Jaime Harker, eds. 1960s Gay Pulp Fiction
The Misplaced Heritage
Gunnell, John G. Between Philosophy and Politics
The Alienation of Politcal Theory
Gurney, Evan A. Love's Quarrels
Reading Charity in Early Modern England
Guthrie, James R. A Kiss from Thermopylae
Emily Dickinson and Law
Gutjahr, Paul C., and Megan L. Benton, eds. Illuminating Letters
Typography and Literary Interpretation
Gutman, Huck, ed. As Others Read Us
International Perspectives on American Literature
Guttmann, Allen. Sports
The First Five Millennia
Guttmann, Allen. foreword by Carol C. Clark. Sports and American Art from Benjamin West to Andy Warhol [node-title]