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Finnell, Dennis. Red Cottage [node-title]
Finnerty, Paraic M. Emily Dickinson's Shakespeare [node-title]
Fischman, Dennis. Political Discourse in Exile
Karl Marx and the Jewish Question
Fisher, James T. Dr. America
The Lives of Thomas A. Dooley, 1927-1961
Fite, David. Harold Bloom
The Rhetoric of Romantic Vision
Flanders, Jane. The Students of Snow [node-title]
Forde, Kathy Roberts. Literary Journalism on Trial
Masson v. New Yorker and the First Amendment
Formisano, Ron. The Great Lobster War
Forrant, Robert, Jean L. Pyle, William Lazonick, and Charles Levenstein, eds. Approaches to Sustainable Development
The Public University in the Regional Economy
Foster, Lawrence, and Patricia Herzog, eds. Defending Diversity
Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives on Pluralism and Multiculturalism
Fountain, Gary, and Peter Brazeau. afterword by Bonnie Costello. Remembering Elizabeth Bishop
An Oral Biography
Francis, Robert. Late Fire, Late Snow
New and Uncollected Poems
Francis, Robert. Collected Poems, 1936-1796
Francis, Robert. Like Ghosts of Eagles
Frank, Joan. All the News I Need
a novel
Franklin, H. Bruce. War Stars
The Superweapon and the American Imagination
Franklin, H. Bruce. Vietnam and Other American Fantasies [node-title]
Franklin, R. W., ed. The Master Letters of Emily Dickinson
Fraser, J. T. Time, the Familiar Stranger
Fraser, J. T., F.C. Haber, and N. Lawrence, eds. Time, Science, and Society in China and the West
The Study of Time V