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Engelhardt, Tom. The Last Days of Publishing
A Novel
Engerman, David C., Nils Gilman, Mark H. Haefele, and Michael E. Latham, eds. Staging Growth
Modernization, Development, and the Global Cold War
Epstein, Mikhail N. translated with an introduction by Anessa Miller-Pogacar. After the Future
The Paradoxes of Postmodernism & Contemporary Russian Culture
Erekson, Keith A. Everybody's History
Indiana's Lincoln Inquiry and the Quest to Reclaim a President's Past
Espada, Martin, ed. El Coro
A Chorus of Latino and Latina Poetry
Essed, Philomena. translated by Rita Gircour. Diversity
Gender, Color, and Culture
Estes, Todd. The Jay Treaty Debate, Public Opinion, and the Evolution of Early American Political Culture
Euripides. translated by Robert Bagg. The Bakkhai [node-title]
Euripides. translated by Robert Emmett Meagher. Helen
Evelev, John. Tolerable Entertainment
Herman Melville and Professionalism in Antebellum New York
Ezrahi, Yaron, Everett Mendelsohn, and Howard P. Segal, eds. Technology, Pessimism, and Postmodernism