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Easton, Hosea. edited by George R. Price and James Brewer Stewart. To Heal the Scourge of Prejudice
The Life and Writings of Hosea Easton
Ebenbach, David. The Guy We Didn't Invite to the Orgy
and other stories
Eberwein, Jane Donahue, and Cindy MacKenzie, eds. foreword by Marietta Messmer. Reading Emily Dickinson's Letters
Critical Essays
Eberwein, Jane Donahue. Dickinson
Strategies of Limitation
Eckbo, Garret. Introduction by David C. Streatfield. Landscape for Living (1950) [node-title]
Edington, Carol. Court and Culture in Renaissance Scotland
Sir David Lindsay of the Mount
Ehrhart, W. D. foreword by H. Bruce Franklin. Vietnam-Perkasie
Ehrhart, W. D. foreword by H. Bruce Franklin. Busted
A Vietnam Veteran in Nixon's America
Ehrhart, W. D. foreword by H. Bruce Franklin. Passing Time
Memoir of a Vietnam Veteran Against the War
Eisen, George. Children and Play in the Holocaust
Games among the Shadows
Eliot, Charles W. introduction by Keith N. Morgan. Charles Eliot, Landscape Architect (1902) [node-title]
Elkins, Stanley, Eric McKitrick, and Leo Weinstein, eds. Men of Little Faith
Selected Writings of Cecelia Kenyon
Ellis, Richard J., ed. Speaking to the People
The Rhetorical Presidency in Historical Perspective
Elrod, Eileen R. Piety and Dissent
Race, Gender, and Biblical Rhetoric in Early American Autobiography
Emmett, Robert S. Cultivating Environmental Justice
A Literary History of U.S. Garden Writing
Engel, William E. Mapping Mortality
The Persistence of Memory and Melancholy in Early Modern England
Engelhardt, Tom. The End of Victory Culture
Cold War America and the Disillusioning of a Generation
Engelhardt, Tom. The Last Days of Publishing
A Novel
Engerman, David C., Nils Gilman, Mark H. Haefele, and Michael E. Latham, eds. Staging Growth
Modernization, Development, and the Global Cold War
Epstein, Mikhail N. translated with an introduction by Anessa Miller-Pogacar. After the Future
The Paradoxes of Postmodernism & Contemporary Russian Culture