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Dizard, Jan E. Mortal Stakes
Hunters and Hunting in Contemporary America
Dizard, Jan E. Going Wild
Hunting, Animal Rights, and the Contested Meaning of Nature
Dizard, Jan E., and Howard Gadlin. The Minimal Family
Dizard, Jan. Going Wild
Hunting, Animal Rights, and the Contested Meaning of Nature
Dobrow, Marty. Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Six Minor Leaguers in Search of the Baseball Dream
Dodds, Dinah, and Pam Allen-Thompson, eds. The Wall in My Backyard
East German Women in Transition
Doeringer, Peter B. Philip Moss. David Terkla. The New England Fishing Economy
Jobs, Income, and Kinship
Dolan, Frederick, and Thomas L. Dumm, eds. Rhetorical Republic
Government Representation in American Politics
Dolin, Eric Jay. Political Waters
The Long, Dirty, Contentious, Incredibly Expensive but Eventually Triumphant History of Boston Harbor-A Unique Environmental Success Story
Dombrowski, Daniel. The Philosophy of Vegetarianism
Donohue, Kathleen G., ed. Liberty and Justice for All?
Rethinking Politics in Cold War America
Donovan, Karen. Fugitive Red [node-title]
Doriani, Beth Maclay. Emily Dickinson, Daughter of Prophecy [node-title]
Dougan, John. The Mistakes of Yesterday, the Hopes of Tomorrow
The Story of the Prisonaires
Downey, Lynn. Levi Strauss
The Man Who Gave Blue Jeans to the World
Downing, David C. Planets in Peril
A Critical Study of C. S. Lewis's Ransom Trilogy
Drabeck, Bernard A., and Helen E. Ellis, eds. foreword by Richard Wilbur. Archibald MacLeish
Draenger, Gusta Davidson. edited with an introduction by Eli Pfefferkorn and David H. Hirsch. translated by Roslyn Hirsch and David H. Hirsch. Justyna's Narrative [node-title]
Drake, James D. King Philip's War
Civil War in New England, 1675-1676
Dreisinger, Baz. Near Black
White-to-Black Passing in American Culture