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Claridge, Laura, and Elizabeth Langland, eds. Out of Bounds
Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism
Clark, Christopher, and Kerry W. Buckley, eds. Letters From an American Utopia
The Stetson Family and the Northampton Association 1843-47
Clark, Christopher. The Communitarian Moment
The Radical Challenge of the Northampton Association
Clawson, Dan, ed. Required Reading
Sociology's Most Influential Books
Cleary, Patricia. Elizabeth Murray
A Woman's Pursuit of Independence in Eighteenth-Century America
Clements, Amy Root. The Art of Prestige
The Formative Years at Knopf, 1915-1929
Cleveland, H. W. S. Introduction by Daniel J. Nadenicek and Lance M. Neckar. Landscape Architecture, as Applied to the Wants of the West; with an Essay on Forest Planting on the Great Plains (1873) [node-title]
Clingman, Stephen. Birthmark
Clingman, Stephen. Bram Fischer
Afrikaner Revolutionary
Clingman, Stephen. The Novels of Nadine Gordimer
History from the Inside
Coelho, Abel. translated by Elizabeth Lowe. Elephants Never Forget
Cohen, Daniel A. Pillars of Salt, Monuments of Grace
New England Crime Literature and the Origins of American Popular Culture, 1674-1860
Cohen, Daniel A., ed. "The Female Marine" and Related Works
Narratives of Cross-Dressing and Urban Vice in America's Early Republic
Cohen, Michael Mark. The Conspiracy of Capital
Law, Violence, and American Popular Radicalism in the Age of Monopoly
cartoon image of a worker wrestling with a tentacled beast called capital with words at top reading "The Conspiracy of Capital"
Cohen, Ronald D. Rainbow Quest
The Folk Music Revival and American Society, 1940-1970
Cohen, Ronald D., Agnes "Sis" Cunningham, and Gordon Friesen, eds. foreword by Pete Seeger. Red Dust and Broadsides
A Joint Autobiography
Cohen, Susan D. Women and Discourse in the Fiction of Marguerite Duras
Love, Legends, Language
Cole, Mary Hill. The Portable Queen
Elizabeth I and the Politics of Ceremony
Colligan, Colette. A Publisher's Paradise
Expatriate Literary Culture in Paris, 1890-1960
Conforti, Joseph A. Another City upon a Hill
A New England Memoir