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Cavallo, Guglielmo, and Roger Chartier, eds. translated by Lydia G. Cochrane. A History of Reading in the West [node-title]
Cave, Alfred A. The Pequot War [node-title]
Cevallos, Francisco Javier, Jeffrey A. Cole, Nina M. Scott, and Nicomedes Suarez-Arauz, eds. Coded Encounters
Writing, Gender, and Ethnicity in Colonial Latin America
Chametzky, Jules, ed. Black Writers Redefine the Struggle
A Tribute to James Baldwin
Chametzky, Jules. Out of Brownsville
Encounters with Nobel Laureates and Other Jewish Writers: A Cultural Memoir
Chametzky, Jules. Our Decentralized Literature
Cultural Mediations in Selected Jewish and Southern Writers
Chapin, David. Exploring Other Worlds
Margaret Fox, Elisha Kent Kane, and the Antebellum Culture of Curiosity
Charme, Stuart Zane. Vulgarity and Authenticity
Dimensions of Otherness in the World of Jean-Paul Sartre
Charvat, William. afterword by Michael Winship. Literary Publishing in America, 1790-1850
Chase, Susan E. Ambiguous Empowerment
The Work Narratives of Women School Superintendents
Cheek, Richard. foreword by John Updike. introduction by Robert E. Cook. Land of the Commonwealth
A Portrait of the Conserved Landscapes of Massachusetts
Chet, Guy. The Ocean Is a Wilderness
Atlantic Piracy and the Limits of State Authority, 1688-1856
Chet, Guy. Conquering the American Wilderness
The Triumph of European Warfare in the Colonial Northeast
Child, Lydia Maria. introduction by Carolyn L. Karcher. An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans [node-title]
Chopan, Jon. Veterans Crisis Hotline
Christian, Shawn Anthony The Harlem Renaissance and the Idea of a New Negro Reader
Christopher, Renny. The Viet Nam War/The American War
Images and Representations in Euro-American and Vietnamese Exile Narratives
Claridge, Laura, and Elizabeth Langland, eds. Out of Bounds
Male Writers and Gender(ed) Criticism
Clark, Christopher, and Kerry W. Buckley, eds. Letters From an American Utopia
The Stetson Family and the Northampton Association 1843-47
Clark, Christopher. The Communitarian Moment
The Radical Challenge of the Northampton Association