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Bacon, Charlotte. A Private State
Badia, Janet. Sylvia Plath and the Mythology of Women Readers
Bagg, Robert, and Mary Bagg. Let Us Watch Richard Wilbur
A Biographical Study
Bagg, Robert. Oedipus Plays of Sophocles
Bagg, Robert. Body Blows
Poems New and Selected
Baingana, Doreen. Tropical Fish
Stories out of Entebbe
Baker, David Weil. Divulging Utopia
Radical Humanism in Sixteenth-Century England
Banish, Roslyn. introduction by Paul A. Volberding. Focus On Living
Portraits of Americans with HIV and AIDS
Banks Findly, Ellison. introduction by Glenn D. Lowry. From the Courts of India:
Indian Miniatures in the Collection of the Worcestor Art Museum
Barber, Shelley, ed. Ruth-Ann M. Harris and Marie E. Daly. preface by Robert K. O'Neill. The Prendergast Letters
Correspondence from Famine-Era Ireland, 1840–1850
Barbour, Reid. English Epicures and Stoics
Ancient Legacies in Early Stuart Culture
Barnard, Ellsworth. illustrated by Charles H. Joslin. In a Wild Place
A Natural History of High Ledges
Barnett, Ursula A. A Vision of Order
A Study of Black South African Literature in English (1914-1980)
Barnhisel, Gregory. James Laughlin, New Directions Press, and the Remaking of Ezra Pound [node-title]
Baszak, Mark, ed. photographs by Edward Cohen. Such Sweet Thunder
Views on Black American Music
Batinski, Michael C. Pastkeepers in A Small Place
Five Centuries in Deerfield, Massachusetts
Bedford, Henry F. Seabrook Station
Citizen Politics and Nuclear Power
Beekman, E. M., ed. Fugitive Dreams
An Anthology of Dutch Colonial Literature
Beekman, E. M., ed. The Poison Tree
Selected Writings of Rumphius on the Natural History of the Indies
Belanger, Dian Olson. Managing American Wildlife
A History of the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies