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"Adams, Clarence. edited by Della Adams and Lewis H. Carlson." An American Dream
The Life of an African American Soldier and POW Who Spent Twelve Years in Communist China
"Adelman, Rebecca" Beyond the Checkpoint
Visual Practices in America's Global War on Terror
"Allen, David Grayson." Investment Management in Boston
A History
"Allen, E. John B." The Culture and Sport of Skiing
From Antiquity to World War ll
"Allen, Glen Scott." Master Mechanics and Wicked Wizards
Images of the American Scientist as Hero and Villain from Colonial Times to the Present
"Allison, Robert J." Stephen Decatur
"American Naval Hero, 1779-1820"
"Alonso, Harriet Hyman." Robert E. Sherwood
The Playwright in Peace and War
"Archibald, Diana C., and Joel J. Brattin, eds." Dickens and Massachusetts
The Lasting Legacy of the Commonwealth Visits
"Augst, Thomas, and Kenneth Carpenter, eds." Institutions of Reading
The Social Life of Libraries in the United States
"Avakian, Arlene Voski., and Barbara Haber, eds." From Betty Crocker to Feminist Food Studies
Critical Perspectives on Women and Food
"Bak, John S., and Bill Reynolds, eds." Literary Journalism across the Globe
Journalistic Traditions and Transnational Influences
"Barnhisel, Greg, and Catherine Turner, eds." Pressing the Fight
"Print, Propaganda, and the Cold War"
"Baron, Sabrina Alcorn, Eric N. Lindquist, and Eleanor F. Shevlin, eds." Agent of Change
Print Culture Studies after Elizabeth L. Eisenstein
"Barrett, Faith." To Fight Aloud Is Very Brave
American Poetry and the Civil War
"Barrett, Faith., and Cristanne Miller, eds." Words for the Hour
A New Anthology of American Civil War Poetry
"Bauman, John F." Gateway to Vacationland
"The Making of Portland, Maine"
"Bell, Bernard W." The Contemporary African American Novel
Its Folk Roots and Modern Literary Branches
"Benes, Peter" Meetinghouses of Early New England
"Benfey, Christopher, and Karen Remmler, eds." "Artists, Intellectuals, and World War II"
"The Pontigny Encounters at Mount Holyoke College, 1942-1944"
"Berman, Jeffrey, and Patricia H. Wallace." Cutting and the Pedagogy of Self-Disclosure [node-title]