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Obtaining a Restraining Order

The University of Massachusetts falls within the jurisdiction of the Eastern Hampshire District Court which is located at 205 State St, Belchertown, MA 01007. If court is in session, weekdays 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, you must go to the Eastern Hampshire District Court to obtain a restraining order. The Court has trained domestic violence advocates that are there to assist you with completing the paperwork. If court is not in session, the UMass Police Department can assist you with obtaining an emergency restraining order. Please come to the UMass Police Department at 585 East Pleasant Street, Amherst, MA. If you do not have transportation, please call and we can provide you with transportation.

Legal Requirements for obtaining a 209A Protective order:

In order to get a restraining order, a judge must recognize that you are being abused or afraid of the person you are getting the order against. You can request an order against:
• a spouse or former spouse
• a present or former household member (roommates are included)
• a relative by blood or a present or former relative by marriage
• the parent of your minor child
• a person with whom you have or had a substantial dating relationship.

How the UMass Police Department can help:

When coming to the UMass Police Department to obtain an emergency restraining order we will assist you with completing the application and affidavit (written statement). We will then telephone an “on-call judge” who will review your application and affidavit. The judge will likely want to talk to you on the telephone to determine if the circumstances allow for an emergency restraining order to be issued.

Serving the Defendant with the Order:

If an order is issued, we will provide you with a copy of the order and then keep a copy to serve the defendants. We will make all attempts to serve the defendant with the order. If the defendant is out of town or out of state we will contact the law enforcement agency that has jurisdiction to request their help in serving the defendant.

If an order is not issued, we recommend that you continue to document any incidents, because you may be able to obtain one in the future.

Whether or not an order is issued, please talk with our Civilian Advocate about safety planning options.