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Adventure Ropes Challenge Course

The Adventure Ropes Challenge Course is a series of high and low ropes exercises designed to test a group’s teamwork, as well as develop self-confidence and leadership among individuals. This is done through a series of fun and exciting outdoor activities and challenges. The activities encourage team building and group communication, and at the same time test an individual’s inner strength.

The Amherst and UMass Police Departments are committed to our communities, and to the benefits of the community policing philosophy. We operate the The Adventure Ropes Challenge Course to strengthen our relationship, enhance communication, and build bridges with the communities we serve. The Adventure Ropes Challenge Course offers a unique interaction between our police officers and the communities we serve. The challenge course allows community members of all ages to view the officers as teachers, mentors and team members. It also allows us to interact with community members in a different venue.

The curriculum can be adapted to your groups needs (for example: teamwork, confidence building, problem-solving), and can be run as a full or half-day event. The course is facilitated by officers from both departments who are certified instructors. The course is run at The Notch Visitor Center on Rt. 116 in the Town of Amherst. If you are interested in bringing a group to the course please contact Officer Brian Kellogg at or 413-545-0196, Amherst Officer Marcus Humber can be contacted at If you would like to see photos of groups at the course visit UMass Amherst Police Department on Facebook.