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Project Protect

Project Protect: Register your valuables with UMPD

Project Protect is a new initiative of the Community Outreach Unit. Every year students’ and employees’ laptops, iPods, cell phones, and other personal items are lost or stolen on campus. Until now, UMPD attempted to obtain important information regarding stolen property in order to increase the chances of recovery. However, this was often unsuccessful because the owners rarely knew, or were able to get, the needed information. Project Protect increases the chances of recovering lost or stolen property by obtaining and storing this important information.

Project Protect is only a small part of protecting your valuables. Never leave your Laptop, Smartphone or other valuable devices unattended when in a public area. Always lock your office, or room when you are not present, even if you are leaving for just a moment. For more information and tips on keeping your property safe visit Like it, Lock it, Keep it!

There are also many different smartphone, and laptop tracking/security applications. Many of these applications are free of charge and can assist an owner, or law enforcement in locating a lost or stolen item.

To learn more about the Project Protect program and to register your valuable items, go to Project Protect Registration.

Members of the UMass community can also arrange to have UMPD staff come to their location for a Project Protect registration event. Community Outreach members will come to your location with laptops to assist in registering the items which participants provide. Such events may be arranged, for example, for students at their residence halls, or at laboratories where staff wish to register the lab computers.

If you have questions regarding this service please contact Officer Kellogg at or 413-545-0196.