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Like it, Lock it, Keep it!

Like It, Lock It, Keep It! is the first of a two-phase project to help prevent thefts on campus. The program focuses on thefts from residence halls. It emphasizes the importance of students taking an active role in their safety while in their residence halls. Students are encouraged to lock the doors to their residence hall rooms when they are not present, even if only for a short period of time. Students are encouraged to question strangers in their living areas with simple, non-threatening questions like, “Can I help you?” The intent is to determine who people are, and what they are doing in the residence hall. If it is determined that someone is suspicious or may not belong in the area, students should call UMPD immediately at 413-545-2121 or 911 for emergencies. The Like It, Lock It, Keep It! program has reduced thefts in residence halls by more than 30 percent since the program's inception, and we would like to see that percentage grow by continuing to educate the community.