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Emergencies: Dial 9-1-1
Call (413) 545-2121

Reporting a Crime

As University policy, the UMPD strongly encourages everyone in the campus community to report any crime or suspected crime in a timely manner. We also encourage you to report any public safety related incidents, suspicious or unusual behavior, or any hazardous situations.

Reporting a on-campus crime or emergency

Dispatchers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to answer your call. UMPD officers respond to all requests for service and are the investigating authority for all crimes on campus.

In the case of Emergency: 911

Reporting a crime from an on-campus phone: 5-2121

Reporting from outside the UMass Amherst phone system: 413-545-2121.

Anonymous reporting: To provide anonymous information regarding a crime, contact the UMPD TIPS Line at 413-577-TIPS (413-577-8477).

Cell phones: Remember that 911 on a cell phone will not reach the dispatchers at UMPD. We recommend pre-programming your cell phones with the UMPD dispatch number (413-545-2121).

Reporting from a HELP phone: You may also report a crime from one of over 100 emergency HELP phones located throughout campus. These phones are easily identified by their yellow boxes and blue lights. When you push the red emergency button you will be in immediate contact with the UMPD, and the dispatcher will be able to pinpoint your location.

When calling for emergency or non-emergency service, be prepared to:

• Identify yourself clearly
• State your location
• Briefly state the nature of your call

If possible, stay on the line unless otherwise advised by the dispatcher. If assistance is required from off campus, the dispatcher will summon the appropriate police, fire and/or medical service.

Reporting an off-campus crime or emergency

To report a crime that occurs at an off-campus location, contact the appropriate local police department. In the case of an emergency it is always best to dial 911 and follow the procedures outlined above.

UMPD staff will assist students with notification of local police agencies if requested.

Amherst Police Department: 413-259-3000
Hadley Police Department: 413-584-0883

Witness Form

Go to the Anonymous Witness Form to report a crime online. These forms are checked routinely, but not necessarily every day.

Reporting a rape

For information on reporting a rape, go to Rape Prevention, Reporting and Counseling.