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Like it • Lock it • Keep it!

Don’t become one of this year’s statistics! If you leave your room—even for a minute—lock your door to protect your belongings.

You are visiting this web site most likely because you received a Post-It note indicating that your door was found unlocked.

Below you will find useful tips that will aid you in securing your valuables.

Analysis of data pertaining to larcenies from office and dorm rooms shows that most items are stolen from locations that are left unsecured.

Office Security

• Your protection and protection of your property starts with your willingness to take a few simple steps.
• Keep your purse, wallet, or other valuables with you at all times or lock them in a drawer or closet.
• Lock your office door whenever you leave.
• Cash left on your desk or in an unlocked drawer is a great temptation to thieves.
• Request authorization from persons asking for confidential information or from delivery or repair people who want to enter an area restricted to employees.
• If you are responsible for office keys, don't leave them on your desk or in the top drawer where they could be taken or copied easily.
• Give keys only to those who have a legitimate need and make sure they are returned.
• If keys are lost or stolen notify the Police Department immediately @ (413) 545-2121.

Secure Your Laptop

Secure your laptop with a security cable to a desk. We have not had a reported theft of a laptop with a security cable attached.
• Never leave your laptop unattended, even for a moment.
• Be certain to back up all important data daily. Remember the hardest thing to replace when a laptop is stolen is the data.
• Protect your data and access to your computer with strong passwords.
• Do not leave your laptop in your vehicle; If you must, secure it in the trunk.
• Secure your laptop in your office or work area in a locked closet or cabinet.
• Consider installing a theft recovery tracking device on your PC. If it is lost or stolen you have a greater chance of recovery. Such as Laptop Lo-jack, LocateMyLaptop, GadgeTrak, Laptop Cop, etc...
• Other anti-theft devices can be purchased at the University Store or any local computer store.

See Something? Say Something.

Contact the UMPD Community Outreach Officer at 413-545-9461 or for more information or assistance.