Date Occurred: September 12, 2015

UMass Amherst Crime Alert: Theft from a Person       On Saturday, September 12, 2015 at approximately 7:50pm a female student reported to the University Police that she was in the area of Washington Hall when she was approached by three males, one asking if they could use her cell phone. After providing her phone, one male ran from the area with the phone still in his possession. The other two other males then also left the area, all three running up Fearing Street toward Sunset Avenue. An immediate area check by UMPD resulted in no further identification of the males.     The victim provided...

Date Occurred: 05/01/2015

The University of Massachusetts Police Department is investigating a burglary that occurred in Washington Hall in the early morning hours on 5/1/2015. The victim stated that his room was entered by an unknown subject and his wallet was stolen from within.Both the victim and his roommate were in the room, sleeping, at the time of the theft. The victim woke up to find the subject in his room but believed that it might be a friend coming by to retrieve something; he later discovered that his wallet had been stolen. The door to the room was unlocked at the time the crime occurred. The only...

Date Occurred: March 18, 2015

UMPD supports UMassIT efforts in protecting your information. In a March 7th message to the campus UMassIT encouraged account holders to change their NetID password. If you have not done so since receiving that message, please change your password now. Thank you in advance. For questions, contact the IT Help Center ( or the IT professional in your department, as applicable. CHANGE YOUR NETID PASSWORD (Optional) If you are using Microsoft Exchange and have your email set up on your tablet or mobile devices, power off your devices. ...

Date Occurred: 01/30/15

UMass Amherst Crime Alerts:  The University of Massachusetts Police Department has received a report from a resident student that a laptop computer was stolen from her residence in Kennedy Hall on Friday, January 30.  The resident stated that she had left her room to visit friends between approximately 9:00pm and 10:00pm, and had left her room door open while she was gone.  The stolen laptop is described as a silver MacBook Air.  The investigation is continuing. Anyone with information about this crime is encouraged to contact UMPD at (413) 545-2121; anonymous information can be left at (413...

Date Occurred: 05/01/2014

The Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) is aware of multiple scams targeting universities, university employees, and students across the nation. The scams range from Internet fraud to intrusions. The following are common scenarios: Spear phishing e-mails are being sent to university employees that appear to be from their employer. The e-mail contains a link and claims some type of issue has risen requiring them to enter their log-in credentials. Once employees provide their user name and password, the perpetrator accesses the university’s computer system to redirect the employees’ payroll...

Date Occurred: 01/13/2015

FBI Warning College students across the United States have been targeted to participate in work-from-home scams. Students have been receiving e-mails to their school accounts recruiting them for payroll and/or human resource positions with fictitious companies. The "position" simply requires the student to provide his/her bank account number to receive a deposit and then transfer a portion of the funds to another bank account. Unbeknownst to the student, the other account is involved in the scam that the student has now helped perpetrate. The funds the student receives and is directed...

Date Occurred: November 11, 2014

The UMPD has received four reports from residents of the John Adams residence hall regarding a male who has been looking at female residents while they have been showering. The first incident occurred in September and was treated as an isolated incident. More recent reports have been filed and the UMPD is notifying the campus community to ensure your safety. Reports allege a white male has been seen looking, or attempting to look under the shower partitions on the third and sixth floor facilities. One incident describes the male as a college aged white male, dark hair, baseball cap on...

Date Occurred: 10/17/14

On 10/17/14 the University of Massachusetts Police Department received a report of a stolen motor vehicle that had been parked in Lot 22 in the Southwest area of campus.  The vehicle's owner stated that the vehicle had been locked and no keys had been left inside. The investigation is ongoing. There are no suspects at this time. UMPD encourages all of our community members to take the following precautions to keep their vehicles and belongings safe: Lock your doors and close your windows when you leave your vehicle. This simple precaution is often the most overlooked. Do not leave "spare" car...

Date Occurred: 09/21/2014

UMass Amherst Alerts: On Monday, 09-22-2014,the following incident was reported to UMPD: During the early morning hours of Sunday, 09-21-2014, a college aged male approached a group of students by the Fine Arts Center and threatened to assault several members of the group. It was reported that this male then bit a member of the group on the neck. This male is described as having a light brown complexion, approximately 5'10" with dark hair and a chin strap style beard. He was wearing a flat brimmed green Celtics hat, blue flannel button up shirt, white undershirt, and blue jeans. Anyone with...

Date Occurred: 9/4/14

Updated Crime Alert: On Sept. 6, 2014 the University Police Department issued a Crime Alert seeking information on a person of interest who was allegedly engaged in harassing behavior toward women on a PVTA bus.  This person has been positively identified and the investigation is continuing.  Thank you for your assistance in this investigation. Original Crime Alert: The University of Massachusetts Police Department is seeking to identify an individual who allegedly engaged in harassing behavior towards women on a PVTA bus on Thursday night (9/4/2014). Anyone with information that could be...

Date Occurred: 8/27/14 and 8/28/14

Suspect in custody for Lincoln Ave. Breaking & Entering.Incident at Lincoln Apts remains under investigation. See email for further update. Continue to use caution, lock doors and windows. Contact UMPD with any information related to the Lincoln Apts. investigation. Inquiries related to the breaking and entering on Lincoln Ave. should be referred to Amherst Police.

Date Occurred: Wednesday August 20, 2014

UMass Amherst Crime Alerts: Indecent Exposure/Lewd Act On Wednesday August 27, 2014 at 2:40pm the UMass Amherst Police Department obtained an arrest warrant and was assisted by the Greenfield Police Department with placing Christopher M. Williams of 17 Avenue C, Apt. #2 Montague, Mass. under arrest for two counts of Open and Gross Lewdness. Mr. Williams was arrested without incident. On Wednesday August 20, 2014 on two separate occasions Mr. Williams is alleged to have driven his gold-colored, older model Honda Civic into UMass Amherst parking lots and exposed himself while masturbating in...

Date Occurred: Since mid-May 2014
scam alert

Since mid-May 2014 the UMass Amherst Police have received two reports from University employees who've been targeted in a telephone scam. The phone calls are made by an unknown, adult male who claims the employee’s relative has been kidnapped or involved in a motor vehicle accident and money must be wired immediately to him or the relative will be harmed or killed. The victim is told to not hang up as doing so will also cause harm to their relative. Both of these calls were made to the UMass employee’s personal cell phone originating from the same phone number, (413)-535-9579 (Holyoke, MA). ...

Date Occurred: 4/30/14
Library building

UMASS AMHERST ALERT: Crime Alert,  Occured 4/30/14.  From the Dubois Library.  Two related larcenies of victims unattended property. Suspect is described as a White Male, approx. 6’3”, college aged, Black Hair with a buzz cut, Dark Clothing, Sweat Pants, with a black backpack. Students are urged to use caution and secure all valuables and not leave them unattended.


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