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Active Threat Presentations

There have been many incidents of serious violence at colleges and universities across the country. Similarly, incidents of serious violence have permeated our daily way of life. UMass Police have defined any deliberate threat that exposes you to an immediate risk of serious injury as an “active threat.” UMass Police have developed an informational workshop to help you protect yourself on the university campus and in your daily life. This workshop has been presented to thousands of employees and students. It has become mandatory training for many departments on campus.

The Workshop:

  • 90 minutes
  • Defines an Active Threat
  • Shows a 20-minute video illustrating what you can do to protect yourself, and what law enforcement will do.
  • Discussion of video topics
  • How you can develop a “survival mindset”
  • Discuss options should an “active threat” occur
  • Provide an on-site safety analysis of your work area

If you would like to schedule an Active Threat workshop please email or contact Officer Brian Kellogg at 413-545-0196, or Officer Mark Whelihan at 413-545-9461.

Independent Online Training through FEMA