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Patrol Units

Many of our police officers serve in specialized patrol units: K-9, bicycle patrol, motorcycle patrol, and mounted (horseback) patrol. Interested officers request placement in one of the patrol units, and if selected, they attend specialized training. These units allow officers to become part of the campus community more easily, taking them out of their cars and interacting with students and staff. The flexibility also allows officers to cover every corner of campus, to have more maneuverability, and ease of access. In the past decade they’ve been instrumental in developing a safer campus.

K-9 Unit

The dogs of the K-9 unit serve a variety of functions. They safeguard the student population and our officers, and are instrumental in reducing violent crime. Their job includes handler protection, apprehension, search and rescue, suspect tracking, area and building searches, narcotics detection, and crowd control. They also help “break the ice” between our officers and the community with their approachable nature. More info>

Bicycle Unit

The UMPD Bicycle Patrol Unit significantly enhances our proactive approach to law enforcement and service to the community. Bike officers are much more visible and approachable, which helps them get to know students and staff. Their inherent mobility allows for a quick response time and improves their efficiency in patrolling the inner recesses of the largely pedestrian academic area, parking lots, the steep terrain of the observatory, and the Orchard Hill and Sylvan residential areas. Additionally, because of the agility, speed, and stealth characteristics of the bicycles, officers are able to quietly and quickly surprise suspects engaged in the act of committing crimes. More info>

Motorcycle Unit

Because of their mobility, motorcycles provide excellent emergency response through congested traffic, amidst the academic malls, and across other areas of the campus that are difficult to access. In addition, motorcycles are fuel-efficient, reducing the budgetary costs associated with operating the UMPD patrol fleet. More info>

Mounted Unit

Horses are extremely effective tools in many aspects of police work and the Mounted Unit is both an aid to positive community relations and a practical approach to specific law enforcement problems. More info>