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Scholarship Title: Blauer Family Scholarship

Class: Sophomore, Junior, Senior | Need/Merit: Need | Enrollment: Full Time
FAFSA needed: Yes | Renewable: No
Eligibility: Eligible recipients may be sophomores, juniors or seniors, in good academic standing and have demonstrated financial need as determined by the Financial Aid Office. Once selected, a student may receive the scholarship again only if there are no other eligible students for consideration. Students selected to receive the scholarship will provide information to the Financial Aid Office regarding the unit and city or town in which their parent serves, as well as their parent’s badge number. Students will be considered for this scholarship in the following order of preference: Residents of Massachusetts, then residents of the 5 other New England states (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island), then residents of the United States.

Description: The purpose of the Fund is to provide scholarship support to undergraduate students whose parent currently serves as a police officer or firefighter in the United States.

Scholarship Legacy Information: The Blauer Manufacturing Company was established in 1936 by Louis Blauer and produced uniforms for public safety personnel. Blauer uniforms have been legendary for their top quality construction and use of premium materials that stand up to rain, wind, cold, and snow. Blauer garments have always been performance oriented and built to last. Charles L. and Claire (Costa) Blauer met at UMass Amherst while attending school, married in 1951 and started their family. Charles graduated as a member of the class of 1951 and Claire graduated in the class of 1961. Charles and Claire had six children, three of whom are UMass Amherst graduates: Michael J. Blauer, Class of 1976; Sharyn D. (Blauer) Proia, Class of 1976; and Stephen J. Blauer, Class of 1978. Their sixth child, William, also attended UMass in 1976 and is involved in the family business. Charles assumed control and Presidency of Blauer Manufacturing in 1986 following the passing of his brother Maurice, another UMass Amherst grad. Charles’ oldest son Michael is currently president of the company. Claire Blauer passed away in 2015. Today, Blauer Manufacturing has diversified into many product lines. The company remains true to its vision of, “Serious Protection,” in the products that it manufactures and distributes throughout the Americas. The Blauer Family established this scholarship fund to honor their family’s legacy at UMass Amherst and to assist students who are children of police or fire department personnel.

How to Apply: Other (See Application Instructions below), Online Application (see field below)
Application Instructions: To be considered for this scholarship, complete FAFSA, and Financial Aid Services will access your need information automatically. Submit application online. Applications accepted until scholarship funds spent each year.

Scholarship Coordinator
Financial Aid Services

Thank You Letter Salutation
Please address your thank you letter to:
Mr. Blauer