Sustainable Agriculture

An essential goal of the Agroecology Program is to maintain the sustainability of agriculture while reducing the environmental consequences of farming.

Faculty and staff from all commodity teams
listed below regularly interact to integrate
sustainable systems for farmers within and
across commodities, strengthening communities and building public support for agriculture.

NE SARE (Sustainable Ag Research and Education)

CISA (Community Initative for Sustainable Ag)


Program Coordination:

Agroecology Program - Daniel Cooley

Community Development - Cathy Roth

Integrated Pest Management - William Coli

Pesticide Education - Patricia Vittum

Sustainable Agriculture - Stephen Herbert

Waste Management - Allen Barker

UMass Extension

College of Food and Natural Resources

University of Massachusetts


Commodity Teams (Leaders):

Cranberries - Frank Caruso

Crops, Dairy, Livestock - Stephen Herbert

Floriculture - Douglas Cox

Landscape Nursery Urban Forestry - Kathleen Carroll

Tree Fruit - Daniel Cooley

Turf Grass - Mary Owen

Vegetables & Small Fruits - Ruth Hazzard

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