2000  Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farm

Walnut Lane Farm

James and Krisanne Koebke

Dudley, MA 01571


The New England Green Pastures Committee has announced its selection of Jim and Krisanne Koebke¡¯s Walnut Lane Farm in Dudley as the 2000 Massachusetts Outstanding Dairy Farm.  The Koebkes will be honored at an awards banquet to be held in conjunction with the Big E on September 15 along with the honorees from the other New England States.  The Green Pastures Award program is in its 52nd year and recognizes outstanding dairy farm management, forage crop management, and leadership in the industry.


In the rolling hills of Southern Worcester County lies some beautiful farms and Walnut Lane Farm is one.  Just a few miles from the Connecticut line, in Dudley, Jim and Krisanne Koebke operate their dairy farm milking 70 registered Holsteins.  The farm has been a dairy farm since 1910.  It is almost a hidden treasure lying back to the east of Route 31. For Jim and Krisanne, and their new baby, August, the future is in dairy farming.  Cow comfort and animal care, herald the way the Koebkes approach the management of dairy cattle.  They have now embarked on a system of rotational grazing utilizing the abundant grassland around the farmstead.


They pride themselves on cow longevity and breeding for those characteristics in cattle which yield high production and many years contributing to the herd.


This outstanding young family plans to utilize their cow skills, financial aptitude and industry participation to ensure that dairy farming will stay alive and well in Massachusetts.

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