South Dormitory/College

Built: 1867
Rebuilt: 1885
Renovations: 1939

Because the building was built soon after the Civil War ended, the building was not lavishly decorated due to lack of funds. The building was originally built as a dormitory for forty-seven students. It was gutted by a fire in February 1885 caused by the explosion of a kerosene burner in an egg incubator. The foundations were constructed of granite quarried in Pelham. The stone trim was Longmeadow sandstone, and the bricks were from Montague City. After the fire, the rebuilding took very little time and the new building was used as a dormitory and also as the Biology Departments. The building boasted a $3,500 collection of "every American animal." The mansard-roofed tower was for meteorological observation and was modelled after the Central Park Observatory in New York. Several deans, provosts, and presidents, from Goodell to Mather have had offices here.