UMass Amherst Fine Arts Center
University Museum of Contemporary Art

Have You Seen This Guy's Work?

Curated by Softspot

Have You Seen This Guy’s Work?
curated by SoftSpot

When the University of Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art approached us to curate a show revolving around their extensive permanent collection, we instantly began reflecting on what a permanent collection is. What function does it serve? How can it be used by the members of the community? Whether we want to admit it or not, contemporary works are always based on a foundation of history.

In Have You Seen This Guy's Work?, we explore the relationship between historical archive and contemporary youth, drawing lines between a selection from the UMCA permanent collection and art being made right now. This exhibition consists of thirteen pairs of artworks, each pair being made up of one work from the UMass permanent collection and one work that holds a direct connection to that collection piece, whether it be a formal, conceptual, or contextual connection. In placing these works side by side, we put a spotlight on the role that art history plays in contemporary practice.