University of Massachusetts Amherst

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New Students Guide

Date: Spring, 2015
Description: An overview of campus resources and general support services for incoming and current UMass Amherst students (PDF file, 4.5x7")


UMatter Presentation

Date: Fall, 2014
Description: a PowerPoint presentation introducing the concepts and goals of the UMatter initiative.


Maroon Folder

Date: Fall, 2014
Description: an interactive resource guide for helping UMass Amherst students in distress. (PDF file, 8.5x11")


"Choose to Care" Poster

Date: Fall, 2013
Description: a caring community message, delivered by our own UMass ducks. (PDF file, 11x8.5")


"Don't Duck Your Responsibilities" Poster

Date: Fall, 2013
Description: a second caring community message from the UMass ducks. (PDF file, 11x8.5")


"What is an Active Bystander?" Poster

Date: Fall, 2013
Description: an oversize color poster that outlines the basics of Bystander Intervention. (PDF file, 38x27")


Start Talking: A Handbook for Engaging Difficult Dialogues in Higher Education

Date: 2008
Description: A handbook exploring productive ways to engage difficult dialogues in classroom and other academic settings. Published by University of Alaska Anchorage and Alaska Pacific University as part of the Ford Foundation's Difficult Dialogues initiative.