No matter how you choose to give to UMass Amherst, your gift reflects the generosity and dedication we rely on from our alumni and friends. 

Give to UMass Amherst. Your gift can be as simple as writing a check or part of your long-term philanthropic plan. It can be immediate or deferred.

There are many ways to give to UMass Amherst -- following are options and opportunities to help you determine the best way for you and your financial situation.

  • Cash: The simplest way to give, cash gifts provide UMass Amherst with immediately available funds.
  • Securities: Through gifts of securities, the IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks. Securities transfers are simple--find out how here
  • Retirement assets: Get the most value from your nest egg, protect your heirs from heavy taxes and leave a portion of your retirement plan assets to UMass Amherst
  • Real estate: Transfer residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate and get an income tax deduction for the fair market value, regardless of what you originally paid for it.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities: Make a gift and receive steady payments during your retirement years through a charitable gift annuity.
  • Life Insurance: Life insurance is an asset you may not think of donating to the university until you hear how powerful, practical and simple it can be.
  • Closely Held Stock: A donation of your closely held stock can be a fine way for you to make a sizable charitable contribution while realizing valuable tax benefits.
  • Personal property: Donate books, artwork, or equipment, and you can make a significant gift without adversely affecting your cash flow.

More about Gift Planning & Bequests

Different gifts offer different tax advantages. Please consult your financial advisor to select the best way to give and our Gift Planning staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.