The work you do—in the classrooms, the labs, the libraries, the fields, or elsewhere—inspires others to give to UMass Amherst.  

Together we will reach new heights.

Participate in the UMass Rising Faculty and Staff Campaign and tell the world you believe in our mission of access to an excellent education for all. And, the university will match your gift to tell YOU your dedication matters. Find out more about the university's $1:$1 match and make a gift today or set up a payroll deduction pledge to the UMass Rising Campaign.

Why we give: UMass Rising Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chairs

  • Leslie Horner Button ’77, ’88 MS
    Associate Director for Library Services
    "Every day we work hard for our students and this great university. UMass prepared me for success and provided me with many opportunities. My gift demonstrates my confidence in the vision and future direction of the campus. Together our gifts strengthen and enrich the university, making a real difference to our students and our community."

  • Mark A. Fuller, Ph.D.
    Dean, and Thomas O’Brien Endowed Chair,
    Isenberg School of Management

    “This generation of students is our chance to cure debilitating diseases, improve our lives through the arts, and enhance the nation’s economy through entrepreneurship and innovation. I love giving to UMass Amherst because it has a profound and lasting impact on all of us.”

  • Sally Ives
    Department Manager, Biology Department
    “Giving to UMass is a way we can thank the university for the service it provides to the commonwealth and to help it improve in these tight financial times. I appreciate that gifts can be targeted to specific departments and programs, contributions are doubled through the Faculty and Staff Campaign, and payroll deduction makes it easy."

  • Willie L. Hill, Jr.
    Director, Fine Arts Center 
    “I’ve learned from my many years of personal giving that it’s the right thing to do when we support a worthy cause in our community. I strongly believe that an individual’s generosity is usually rewarded because one feels happier, healthier, and more socially connected as a result of the good deed. Therefore, in the long run, we are more likely to get back even more than we gave. I challenge my colleagues to be kind, generous and give even more charitably than in the past to propel our institution further and faster in reaching our goals. Go UMass!”

  • Larry Snyder, ’97G
    Associate Director,
    Facilities & Campus Services

    "Faculty and staff giving shows students how truly invested we are in them and in their lives. UMass relies on philanthropy in many areas including student scholarships, new buildings, renovations to existing buildings, and department enhancements. Every gift, no matter the amount, is important to the future of UMass.”