The work you do—in the classrooms, the labs, the libraries, the fields, or elsewhere—inspires others to give to UMass Amherst.  

Together we will reach new heights.

Participate in the UMass Rising Faculty and Staff Campaign and tell the world you believe in our mission of access to an excellent education for all. And, the university will match your gift to tell YOU your dedication matters. Find out more about the university's $1:$1 match, and make a gift to the UMass Rising Campaign today.

Why we give: UMass Rising Faculty and Staff Campaign Co-Chairs

  • Leslie Horner Button ’77, ’88 MS
    Associate Director for Library Services
    "Through my gift, I’m advancing an institution and a community that have given so much to me. It demonstrates my belief in its mission, vision and direction. Together our gifts strengthen and enrich the university, making a real difference to our students and our community."

  • Robert S. Feldman
    Dean, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

    “To donors outside the university, every gift made by a UMass Amherst employee tangibly demonstrates the depth of dedication and commitment of those who know the university best.”

  • Jeanne Horrigan ’81
    Director, New Students Program
    “On the sesquicentennial anniversary of the university, it is important that we continue to invest in UMass so that future generations have the opportunity to have access to a great education."

  • Willie L. Hill, Jr.
    Director, Fine Arts Center 
    “Everything I have achieved in my life was made possible by the very early generosity of donors who opened doors for me. It is a privilege to be able to make a difference—to support individuals as well as institutions and to know that what we do for others will live on well beyond what we do for ourselves. I challenge you to take up that privilege, and experience the satisfaction that comes from giving.”

  • Joseph Goldstein
    Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
    Former Dean of the College of Engineering
    "UMass has helped me in so many ways as a faculty member and administrator. I think it is appropriate to give back to help my college and its students; even better if I can double my contribution through the Faculty and Staff Campaign.”