When it was built in 1885, Old Chapel served as a library, assembly hall, and the iconic heart of the Massachusetts Agricultural College campus. It's time Old Chapel is restored to its former glory, resurrecting the unofficial symbol of this land-grant institution, ensuring a legacy for our alumni and friends for generations to come. 

A Proud Past
Over its first 75-plus years of use, the Old Chapel was the place where students convened every morning; performances and events were held for the campus community and the region, academic departments were housed and, later, students gathered to study and socialize. The last to inhabit the iconic structure was the Power and Class, the Minuteman Marching Band held practice there until 1996 when the doors were closed.  
Until now, we hope.

Our Vision for Old Chapel
Revived in accordance with a thriving campus, Old Chapel could serve in multiple capacities -- the most valuable, perhaps, a nod to the roots of tradition and heritage of an institution on the rise.  The building, with its distinctive granite and sandstone exterior, has ample space for a wealth of purposes.  Your gift will help open the Old Chapel doors to:

 Receptions, lectures,  and  events: campus-  wide or  privately-held;
 Rotating exhibitions of  university  collections; 
 A permanent showcase  for  the  university  archives and  history;

 A point of departure for  prospective student tours;
Ceremonies and special events.

Take a photo tour of Old Chapel here.

The renewal of Old Chapel as a center of creative and intellectual activity will bring to life a campus icon that will strengthen bonds among Minutemen for generations to come.  Your investment in the renovation of Old Chapel will be used to modernize the interior of the building, maintaining its original splendor: The "guts" of the structure, inadequate mechanical systems and noncompliance with current building code requirements, will be overhauled while the "bones," arched beams and wood details, will be restored.