From the Campaign Co-Chairs

Dear Alumni and Friends,

We are pleased and honored to serve as co-chairs of the UMass Rising campaign.  As students at UMass Amherst, we received an education that was transformative.  Today we wholly support the university’s mission to ensure that same exceptional education is available to all who seek it – and we will work to raise the funds that will ensure its success.

This unique mission means that it is up to UMass Amherst to affect the quality of life for all our citizens.  While they are here, students must have access to scholarships, the finest educators and researchers, the most enriched programs and groundbreaking research, and facilities that are worthy of their lofty pursuits.

In many ways we have all benefited from our association with the university. By supporting the UMass Rising campaign we have the opportunity to give something back.  

Please join us.

Together, through our shared belief in the mission of UMass Amherst, we will ensure that this university continues to rise.

All the best,

Douglas Berthiaume '71, '05HON
Robert Epstein '67
David Fubini '76
Eugene Isenberg '50, '00HON