Philanthropy has played a pivotal role from our start as an agricultural college in 1863. Shortly after Congress passed the Morrill Act, leading to the creation of land-grant colleges across the country, three benefactors stepped forward with funds to complete construction of the first buildings for a campus in the town of Amherst.

More than one hundred and fifty years later, private support is as critical as the first gifts received from those stirred by imagining a great public university.  At this moment, we have the opportunity to make UMass Amherst even greater. We invite alumni and friends to follow the example of those first benefactors to become the new builders of our future.

Gifts to the UMass Rising campaign will be used to:

  • Attract outstanding students with merit- and need-based scholarships
  • Recruit and retain exceptional faculty
  • Conduct research that improves the human condition
  • Create buildings and infrastructure that promote learning
  • Strengthen participation in annual giving