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Human Performance Laboratory

Equipment, valued at well over $1M, is available to students to use in their research: a new, state-of-the-art driving simulator sits inside the lab; a fully instrumented van can be used for on-the-road studies; a truck simulator with programmable image side view mirrors is located nearby in Marston Hall; and other equipment such as an advanced eye tracker is fully portable and can be used wherever necessary.1990 Ford Econoline Van (E150) ideal for studying advanced transportation technologies on the road. Fully equiped with radar, antenna mounts, computers and more. Close ties also exist between the Human Performance Laboratory and private companies around the country including Amsign (variable message signs), Bose Corporation (sound systems), Ford Motor Company, Millitech (millimeter wave sensors), Motorola (car phones), Peter Pan Bus Lines (Springfield), and Whistler (police radar detectors).


Donald Fisher



Room 110, Engineering Lab I


Driving Simulator, Truck Simulator, Eyetracker




College of Engineering
Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
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