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Facility Namesort descending Location Research/Activity Link
Central Microscopy Rooms 1 & 3, Morrill Science Center, Section 4 North biology, electron microscopy, environmental, microscopy
Computational Biology Laboratory Computer Science Building bioinformatics, biology, biomedical, biotechnology, computing, functional genomics, gene expression, genomics, proteomics
Exercise Physiology Laboratory biology, exercise, health, human physical performance
Fitness & Wellness Laboratory biology, exercise, health
Floriculture Diagnostic Laboratory Holdsworth Hall agriculture, biology, environmental, horticulture, pest management
Flow Cytometry Facility Room 68 ISB Building biology, cell culture, cytometry
Genomics Resource Laboratory B2 Fernald Hall bioinformatics, biology, biomedical, biotechnology, environmental, functional genomics, gene expression, genomics
Greenhouses & Growth Chambers Morril Science Center biology, botany, horticulture
Herbarium biology, botany, environmental, natural history
Microbial Fermentation Laboratory biology, biotechnology, cell culture
Muscle Biology and Imaging Laboratory biology, biomedical, exercise, microscopy, physiology, spectroscopy
Natural History Museum Room 146 Morrill 2 biology, environmental, natural history
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy Laboratory LGRT biology, materials characterization, nanoscale analysis, nanotechnology, polymers, protein structure, proteomics, spectroscopy, structural biology
Vibrating Probe Facility biology, physiology
X-Ray Structural Characterization Laboratory LGRT 1534 biology, materials, materials characterization, polymers, protein structure, proteomics, structural biology
Zebrafish Breeding Facility biology, embryogenesis, genomics