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Facility Namesort descending Location Research/Activity Link
Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute biomedical, biotechnology
Plant Problem Diagnostics 104 French Hall - 230 Stockbridge Rd environmental, horticulture, pest management, soils science
Polymer Simulation Laboratory computing, materials, polymers
Polymer Theory Computational Center computing, materials, polymers
Psychological Services Center 135 Hicks Way-Tobin Hall psychology, psychotherapy
Quarternary Laboratory geology, paleontology
Radio Astronomy Observatory, Five Colleges 619 Lederle Graduate Research Center astronomy, microwave, millimeter-wave, telescopy
Research Animal House animal models
Rheology Laboratory materials, materials characterization, polymers
Scientific Reasoning Research Institute Lederle Graduate Tower #428 mathematics, psychology
Semiconductor Spectroscopy Laboratory materials, photonics, spectroscopy
Social & Demographic Research Institute W34A Machmer Hall demographics
Soil, Plant and Tissue Testing Laboratory West Experiment Station, 682 North Pleasant Street botany, environmental, horticulture, soils science
Soils, Sediments & Water Conference environmental, soils science
Stable Isotope Laboratory geology, spectroscopy
Strategic Information Technology Center business development, business information technology
Structural Engineering Facilities design, materials
Surface Analysis Laboratory Conte National Center for Polymer Research surface analysis of materials
The Glassblowing Laboratory A19 Lederle scientific glassware
Translation Center, UMass 19 Herter Hall cross-cultural communication, language translation