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Type Manufacturersort descending Model PI Acquired Department
FABRICATION - IN-SITU INFRARED Huber,George W 2012 Chemical Engin-Huber,George
STAGE/CONTROLLER, PIEZO Thayumanavan,Sankaran 2009 Chemistry
SEALER, QUANTI-TRAY Dorner,Sarah M 2006 Envir Health Sci-Faculty Start
PCB MODULATOR Frasier,Stephen J 2010 Elect Comp Engin-Frasier,S
HIGH VOLTAGE TANK Howe,Marsha L. 2010 Geoscience X-Ray Analytical
STAGE/CONTROLLER, PIEZO Emrick,Todd S 2009 Chemistry
BIOSAFETY CABINET Clydesdale,Fergus M. 2010 Food Sci-Clydesdale,Fergus
MOSFET HOUSING ASSY Frasier,Stephen J 2010 Elect Comp Engin-Frasier,S
INCUBATOR SHAKER Clydesdale,Fergus M. 2010 Food Sci-Clydesdale,Fergus
VACUUM PUMP VTE-10 Watkins,James J 2011 ResPrgDev: Mass Nano-Watkins,J
FREEZER Hollot,Christopher 2009 Elect Comp Engin-GUPTA, DEV
BIOSAFETY CABINET Decker,Eric A 2007 Food Science
RADAR ASSEMBLY UNIT Sekelsky,Stephen M 2005 Elect Comp Engin-Sekelsky,S
DETECTOR, X-RAY Miskimen,Rory A 2012 Physics-GLUCKSTERN, R.
SODAR SYSTEM Manwell,James F 2005 Mech & Indust Engin-Manwell,J
MCT DETECTOR D316/6 Huber,George W 2010 Chemical Engin-Huber,George
AMPLIFIER, OPTICAL SL OPO Russell,Thomas P 2011 Polymer-Russell,Thomas
ION CHROMATOGRAPHY SYSTEM ICS-1000 Lovley,Derek R 2006 MicroBio-Lovley,Derek
INCUBATOR Russell,Thomas P 2006 Polymer-Russell,Thomas
SHAKER Russell,Thomas P 2006 Polymer-Russell,Thomas