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Type Manufacturer Modelsort descending PI Acquired Department
ANESTHESIA MACHINE VET EQUIP Novak,Melinda A 2011 Psychology-Startup
CORING SYSTEM, SEDIMENT UWITEC Bradley,Raymond S. 2005 Geoscience-Bradley,Raymond
POWER SUPPLY UNIMAR Manwell,James F 2005 Mech & Indust Engin-Manwell,J
PURIFIER, PCR LABCONCO Long,Sharon C 2004 Civil/Env Engin
CART/CARRIAGE RANGER ENGINEERING Liebowitz,Lisa S 2010 Animal Care: Ops.& Facility
HANDHELD READOUT GEOKON Civjan,Scott Adam 2008 UMass Transp Ctr-Civjan,Scott
SCALE, LARGE ANIMAL AVERY WEIGH TRONIX Herbert,Stephen J. 2007 Vet/An-Herbert,Stephen
Q STRESS SYSTEM CARDIAC SCIENCE DeMartinis,Jean E 2006 Nursing-DeMartinis,Jean
REFERENCE CELL SYSTEM NEWPORT Watkins,James J 2008 Chemical Engin-Watkins,James
ROTOR FISHER Semprevivo,Lloyd H 2002 Vet/Animal Science
MICROFUGE BECKMAN COULTER Heuck,Alejandro P 2005 BioChem MB-Startup Heuck
BIOSAFETY CABINET Decker,Eric A 2007 Food Science
CORING SYSTEM, SEDIMENT UWITEC Bradley,Raymond S 2005 Geoscience-Bradley,Raymond
WATERBATH, SHAKING PRECISION Blaustein,Jeffrey D 2002 Psychology
POWER SUPPLY UNIMAR Manwell,James F 2005 Mech & Indust Engin-Manwell,J
OVEN, HYBRIDIZATION FISHER Long,Sharon C 2004 Civil/Env Engin
G:BOX SYNGENE Karlstrom,Rolf O 2007 Biology
ANALYZER, BENCHTOP QUANTEK INSTRUMENTS Clydesdale,Fergus M. 2010 Food Sci-Clydesdale,Fergus
OPTICAL TWEEZER SYSTEM LIGHTSPEED TECHNOLOGY Debold,Edward P 2008 Kinesiology-Debold Startup