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Typesort descending Manufacturer Model PI Acquired Department
AMPLIFIER GRASS TECHNOLOGIES AURAPSG Chambers,Rebecca M 2010 Psychology-Spencer,Rebecca
AMPLIFIER AXON INSTRUMENTS AXOPATCH 200B Russell,Thomas P 2003 Polymer Science & Engineering
AMPLIFIER BIOPAC SYSTEMS MP35 Novak,Melinda A 2006 Psychology
AMPLIFIER CERNEX CSR12403523R-01 Schaubert,Daniel H. 2006 Elect Comp Engin-Schaubert,D
AMPLIFIER KROHN HITE 7500 Candela,Donald 2009 Physics-Startup Goldner
AMPLIFIER MOLECULAR DEVICES AXOPATCH 200B Martin,Craig T. 2009 Chemistry-Startup Holden
AMPLIFIER STANFORD RESEARCH SR844 Miskimen,Rory A 2001 Physics
AMPLIFIER STANFORD RESEARCH SR830 Schneider,Stephen E 2002 Astronomy
AMPLIFIER STANFORD RESEARCH SR510 Yngvesson,K. Sigfrid 2003 Elect Comp Engin
AMPLIFIER LDS TEST & MEASUREMENT LLC PA1000L Menon,Narayanan 2007 Physics-Menon,Narayanan
AMPLIFIER T & C POWER CONVERSION AG-1006 Hoagland,David 2004 Polymer Science & Engineering
AMPLIFIER GRASS TECHNOLOGIES AURAPSG Chambers,Rebecca M 2010 Psychology-Spencer,Rebecca
AMPLIFIER SYSTEM AURA AURA PSG LITE 16 Chambers,Rebecca M 2009 Psychology
AMPLIFIER, CURRENT D.L. INSTRUMENTS 1211 Miskimen,Rory A 1998 Physics
AMPLIFIER, DSP LOCK IN PERKIN ELMER 7265 Fisher,Donald L. 2001 Mech & Indust Engin
AMPLIFIER, DUAL MODE KISTLER 5010 Palmer,Richard N 2003 Civil/Env Engin
AMPLIFIER, DUAL PATCH CLAMP HEKA EPC-10 Li,Genglin 2013 Biology-Li,Genglin
AMPLIFIER, HANDHELD KISTLER 5995 Karlstrom,Rolf O 2003 Biology
AMPLIFIER, HV TREK 609B Russell,Thomas P 2007 Polymer-MRL