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Type Manufacturer Model PIsort descending Acquired Department
POWER SUPPLY SPECTRA PHYSICS 263-C06 Barnes,Michael D 2007 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
GENERATOR, DIGITAL DELAY STANFORD RESEARCH DG535 Barnes,Michael D 2008 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
DIODE LASER DRIVER PICOQUANT PDL-800B Barnes,Michael D 2008 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
LASER HEAD PICO QUANT LDH-P-C-440 Barnes,Michael D 2008 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
OSCILLOSCOPE TEKTRONIX TDS2024B Barnes,Michael D 2008 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
USB INTERFACE PICOQUANT PICOHARP 300-V2 Barnes,Michael D 2009 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
FIBER OPTIC LAUNCH THORLABS MBT612 Barnes,Michael D 2009 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
DATA ACQUISITION UNIT NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS USB-6229 Barnes,Michael D 2009 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
VACUUM PUMP WELCH 8905A Barnes,Michael D 2007 Polymer-Emrick,Todd
PLATFORM, VIBRATION ISOLATION MINUS K TECHNOLOGY 100 BM-8 Barnes,Michael D 2010 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
FREEZER, FLAMMABLE STORAGE THERMO ELECTRON U2004FA15 Barnes,Michael D 2007 Polymer-Emrick,Todd
LASER HEAD PICOQUANT LDH-P-FA-530 Barnes,Michael D 2010 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
LASER HEAD PICOQUANT LDH-P-FA-530 Barnes,Michael D 2010 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
LASER HEAD PICOQUANT LDH-P-FA-530 Barnes,Michael D 2010 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
PLASMA CLEANER HARRICK PLASMA PDC-32G Barnes,Michael D 2006 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
VACUUM PUMP SPX-ROBINAIR 15600 Barnes,Michael D 2006 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
CAMERA SYSTEM, EMCCD PRINCETON INSTRUMENTS 75270001 Barnes,Michael D 2006 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
CAMERA, IMAGING ROPER SCIENTIFIC CASCADE 512B Barnes,Ramon M. 2004 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
SPECTROGRAPH, IMAGING ACTON RESEARCH SP2150I Barnes,Ramon M. 2004 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael
DETECTOR, BACK- ILLUMINATED PRINCETON INSTRUMENTS 7516-0002 Barnes,Ramon M. 2004 Chemistry-Barnes,Michael