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Type Manufacturersort descending Model PI Acquired Department
ANALYZER, SEMICONDUCTOR AGILENT 4156B Xia,Qiangfei 2012 Elect Comp Engin-Xia,Qiangfie
GAS CHROMATOGRAPH AGILENT 6890N Long,Sharon C 2005 Civil/Env Engin
INTEGRATOR AGILENT 3395B Martin,Craig T. 2008 Chemistry
CHROMATOGRAPH, GAS AGILENT 6890N Palmer,Richard N 2003 Civil/Env Engin
DETECTOR, REFRACTIVE INDEX AGILENT G1362A Hsu,Shaw L. 2012 PolymerRes: Hsu,Shaw Ling
SCANNER, CLOSED LOOP AGILENT N9524B Martin,Craig T. 2009 Chemistry
TIMEBASE MODULE, PRECISION AGILENT 86107A Bardin,Joseph C 2012 Elect Comp Engin-Bardin,Joseph
MAINFRAME, VXI AGILENT E8404A Towsley,Donald F. 2001 Elect Comp Engin
GAS CHROMATOGRAPH AGILENT 6890N Tobiason,John Eric 2005 Civil/Env Engin
COLUMN, COMPARTMENT AGILENT G1316A Capistran,James D 2011 Polymer-MRL
SAMPLER, CTC AGILENT G6509B Schnell,Danny J 2011 BioChem MB-Schnell,Danny
COLUMN, THERMOSTATTED AGILENT G1316A Hsu,Shaw L. 2012 PolymerRes: Hsu,Shaw Ling
GAS CHROMATOGRAPH AGILENT 7890A Castaneda,Isla Sarita 2011 Geoscience-Castaneda,Isla
CONTROLLER, AFM AGILENT N9610A Martin,Craig T. 2009 Chemistry
AUTOSAMPLER AGILENT G1313A Vandriesche,Roy G. 2001 Pl,Soil&InsSci
TIMEBASE MODULE, PRECISION AGILENT 86107A Jackson Jr,Robert W. 2012 Elect Comp Engin-Bardin,Joseph
SMU/PULSE GENERATOR EXPANDER AGILENT 41501A Xia,Qiangfei 2013 Elect Comp Engin-Xia,Qiangfie
MODULE, PC LINK/VXI AGILENT E8491B Towsley,Donald F. 2001 Elect Comp Engin
SPECTROPHOTOMETER, UV/VIS AGILENT 8453 Martin,Craig T. 2011 Chemistry