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Deans’ List
Recent faculty awards, honors, and large-scale grants


  • Chancellor’s Medal, Charles Adams, educational policy, research and administration emeritus.
  • $517,000 NSF grant, John Clement, teacher
    education and curriculum studies.
  • Chancellor’s Medal, Patricia Crosson, educational policy, research and administration.
  • Challenge and Change Award, Men’s Resource
    Center of Western Massachusetts, Bailey Jackson, dean.
  • 2000-01 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Sonia Nieto, teacher education and curriculum studies.
  • $375,000 Corporation for National Service grant (with Arthur Keene, anthropology), David Schimmel, educational policy research and administration.


  • $108,300 NSF grant, Wayne Burleson, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $299,800 NSF grant, William Conner, chemical
  • $108,200 NSF grant, Abhijit Deshmukh, mechanical and industrial engineering.
  • $161,100 Office of Naval Research grant, Stephen Frasier, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $325,000 NSF grant, Robert Gao, mechanical and industrial engineering.
  • $123,000 NASA grant, Joseph Goldstein, dean.
  • $223,000 NSF grant, Wei-bo Gong, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $140,000 NSF grant, Kathleen Hancock, civil and environmental engineering.
  • $167,000 NSF grant, Ian Harris, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $202,400 Northeast Utilities grant, James Manwell, mechanical and industrial engineering.
  • Chancellor’s Medal, Ting-wei Tang, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $179,000 NSF grant, Russell Tessier, electrical and computer engineering.
  • $389,200 Dow Corning grant, James Watkins, chemical engineering.
  • $304,400 NSF grant, Sigfrid Yngvesson, electrical and computer engineering.


  • Member-at-large, Executive Council of the North American Society for Sports Management, Carol Barr, sports management.
  • Honoree, Fergus M. Clydesdale Endowed Professorship, Fergus Clydesdale, food science.
  • Inductee, Wood’s magazine Woodworking Hall of Fame, R. Bruce Hoadley, natural resources conservation emeritus.
  • 2000-01 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer; University Public Service Award; John Mullin, landscape architecture and regional planning.
  • Distinguished Leadership Award, Massachusetts Chapter, American Planning Association, Gisela Walker, landscape architecture and regional planning.


  • Chancellor’s Medal, Miriam Chrisman, history emeritus.
  • $99,985 Association of Arts Presenters grant, Roberta Uno, theater.


  • 2001-2002 Fulbright Scholar, Austria; $470,000 in NSF grants; Anna Nagurney, finance and operations management.


  • $396,700 NSF grant, George Avrunin, mathematics and statistics.
  • $185,235 NSF grant, William Bemis, biology.
  • $164,405 NSF grant, Donald Byrd, computer science.
  • $145,515 DOD grant, James Capistran, polymer science and engineering.
  • $155,000 NSF grant, Louis Carpino, chemistry.
  • $200,000 Pew grant, Elizabeth Connor, biology (with Steven Brewer and Randall Phillis, biology; Steven Goodwin, microbiology; Norman Aitken, vice provost for instructional technology.)
  • $109,550 NSF grant, William Croft, computer science.
  • $146,305 PHS/NIH grant, Susan Cumberledge, biochemistry and molecular biology.
  • Fulbright Fellowship, India, Stephen Haggerty, geosciences.
  • $140,000 NSF grant, Robert Hallock, physics.
  • $220,000 NSF grant, Peter Hepler, biology.
  • $189,475 PHS/NIH grant, Rolf Karlstrom, biology.
  • Foreign Member, Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences, Frank Karasz, polymer science and engineering.
  • $1,123,325 NSF grant, Clifford Konold, Scientific Reasoning Research Institute.
  • $249,995 NSF grant, James Kurose, computer science.
  • $120,775 NSF grant, Robert Kusner, mathematics and statistics.
  • $450,000 NSF/NEH grant, Raghavan Manmatha, computer science.
  • Field Museum Award of Merit, Lynn Margulis, geosciences.
  • $137,170 PHS grant, Craig Martin, chemistry.
  • 2000-01 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, Jose Mestre, physics.
  • $212,790 NSF grant, David Mix-Barrington, computer science.
  • $3,156,900 NSF grant, Eliot Moss, computer science.
  • $100,000 NSF grant, Rodney Murphey, biology.
  • $186,480 PHS/NIH grant, Sandra Petersen, biology.
  • Chair, National Research Council Roundtable on Natural Disasters, Rutherford Platt, geosciences.
  • $175,105 NSF grant, Jeffrey Podos, biology.
  • $259,995 NSF grant, Arnold Rosenberg, computer science.
  • $241,475 DOE grant, Thomas Russell, polymer science and engineering.
  • Distinguished Alumnus, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, Richard Stein, chemistry emeritus.
  • Pathfinder Award, Massachusetts Computer-Using Educators; $920,635 NSF grant; Morton Sternheim, physics emeritus.
  • $1,882,115, $242,550, and $292,360 NSF grants; Donald Towsley, computer science.
  • $120,800 NSF grant, Siman Wong, mathematics and statistics.
  • $120,000 PHS/NIH grant, Christopher Woodcock, biology.


  • 2001 President’s Reserve Award for Nursing School Consortium proposal, Eileen Breslin, dean (with deans Brenda Cherry of UMass Boston, Elisabeth Pennington of UMass Dartmouth, May Futrell of UMass Lowell (chair), and Doreen Harper of UMass Worcester.)
  • Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, Leda McKenry.


  • Secretary-treasurer-elect, Association of Schools of Public Health, Stephen Gehlbach, dean.
  • Board of Registration of Dieticians and Nutritionists, Ken Samonds, nutrition.


  • 2000-01 Distinguished Faculty Lecturer, James Boyce, economics.
  • $215,000 grant, Nellie Mae Foundation, Stephen Coelen, political science.
  • $697,370 training grant, National Institutes of Mental Health, Geert DeVries, psychology.
  • University Public Service Award; $375,000 Corporation for National Service grant (with David Schimmel, education); Arthur Keene, anthropology.
  • National Academy of Education/ Postdoctoral Fellow, Deirdre Royster, sociology.
  • $139,200 NSF grant, Alan Swedlund, anthropology.


  • Distinguished Service to Safety Award, National Safety Council, Donald Robinson, director of Environmental Health and Safety.
  • Keynote address, Sixth Olympiad of the Mind, Paris, David K. Scott, chancellor
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