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Remarkable crew
Isenberg School of Management

SOM students

“REMARKABLE CREW”: Dean Thomas O’Brien with SOM students. (Stephen Long photo)

“Great!” said the exhuberant dean of the Isenberg School, upon hearing that the next round of “Branches” stories would focus on exemplary undergraduates. “Great!” said Dean Thomas O’Brien, “Because our kids are a remarkable crew!”

     This may sound like corner-office pro forma, but O’Brien is as convincingly enthusiastic on the subject of his students as on that of his planned building expansion. The new wing of the school should be operational by May 2002. Exemplary undergraduate Jacob Chused is operational right now.

     As of last year SOM had:

1589 undergraduate majors
356 graduate students
53 faculty in: accounting and information systems / finance and operations management / management / marketing

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