EXCHANGE - To the editors, from the editors.

AROUND THE POND - Commencement '99, strong women, sad losses, other highlights.

BRANCHES OF LEARNING - Profs and teachers conspire on math and science pedagogy; Dean Linda Slakey on the land-grant mission in Natural Sciences and Mathematics; the "Deans' List" of faculty honors.

LIVING THE LAND-GRANT - Four alumni among the many thousands embodying the land-grant dream.

ROOT AND BRANCH: THE LAND-GRANT IDEA AT UMASS - The old West Experiment Station and the new Stockbridge School are emblems of a grand tradition.

COWS NOW - Animal husbandry takes a strange new turn as researchers lead us toward the age of clones.

LATIN ROCKS - And the spirited outreach of UMass classics shows our prez is not the only one who thinks so.

THE VIEW FROM SOUTH GRAVITY - We look for the roots of Chancellor Scott's devotion to the land-grant on his home island off the coast of Scotland.

PERFORMING ARTS - The musical loop between UMass and Springfield creates busy traffic up and down I-91.

BOOKS - Practical unworldliness: an excerpt from The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus by business professor Charles Manz.

EXTENDED FAMILY - Association outreach in "UMass Gatherings"; in Class Notes, lists of reunion attendees, and profiles of five alumn in the service of Usefulness U; "In Memoriam" and other family business.

GREAT SPORT - High-fives on the house: our annual orgy of community basketball.

NORTH 40 - We got a million of 'em: another tale of Umass and cows.