EXCHANGE - To the editors, from the editors

AROUND THE POND - Chinua Achebe returns to campus; UMass struggles with the admissions issue; farewell, George Marston, thank you, Jack Francis, and other highlights.

BRANCHES OF LEARNING - Study abroad for the UMasses thanks to the Ansin family; Dean glen Gordon on the campaign in Social and Behavioral Sciences; the "Deans' List" of faculty honors.

EIGHT YEARS AFTER A CIVIL ACTION - Alumnus Jan Schlichtmann's experiences were the subject of a best-selling book and a major motion picture. Now he's sharing them with UMass students.

GOVERNMENT OF THE STUDENTS, BY THE STUDENTS, AND FOR THE STUDENTS - Wherein our writer spends time snooping around the SGA, and pretty much likes what she sees.

FINDING FAULTS - An intriguing means of scoping out water, a giant tunnel project: for one geologist and his students, it's subterranean puddle-jumping heaven.

LIFTING AS THEY CLIMB - The attention of gifted graduate students may be the lift that makes the difference to some students of color at UMass.

ON THE MAP - The campus's advocacy programs - especially its high-powered "Ambassadors" network of volunteers - aim to turn the beacon of Beacon Hill in a more westerly direction.

PERFORMING ARTS - Matthew Hunter '83G has a chair in the Berlin Philharmonic, and they're keeping him on the edge of it.

BOOKS - Kathy Peiss, '60s person and unpacker of cosmetics: an excerpt from the UMass historian's Hope in a Jar.

GREAT SPORT - On the way to sweet endorphins and "the Easterns" with the UMass cycling team.

EXTENDED FAMILY - Five-campus bonding in "UMass Gatherings"; Their Honors, the Campus Delegation, in Class Notes; "In Memoriam," and other family business.