Exchange · To the editors, from the editors.

Around the Pond · Giant inflatable Homecoming, homework is still homework in cyberspace, and other highlights.

Branches of Learning · Charles Adams and Pat Crosson keep the faith in the School of Ed; Dean Bailey Jackson on Campaign UMass therein. Plus the "Deans' List" of faculty honors.

Only the Best · A profile of Judy Barter '91G of the Art Institute of Chicago, curator of last year's highly praised Mary Cassatt retrospective.

Triumph of the Head Jocks · It's March, 1964. Hairdos are bouffant, Lyndon Johnson has just moved into the White House, and UMass is going bowlistic.

Second Nature: welcome to the machine · Call-waiting was anticipated by termites, sort of. Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan explain, in the second faculty essay in a series we'll be calling "School of Athens."

Life-force 401 · A unique approach to environmental evolution by the unique Professor Margulis.

Seizing the Day · Commonwealth College throws open its doors and defends its selectivity.

Clearing the Channels · Two animated administrators on excellence at UMass.

Mixed Media · The man who must insure that 'shooooom' would really sound like that: our guy at DC Comics, L.A. Williams '94.

Books · What Dr. Seuss had to say about the Axis powers, courtesy of historian Richard Minear.

Extended Family · Irresistible voice, irresistible memoir: Doris Abramson at convocation in "UMass Gatherings," plus class notes, profiles, "In Memoriam," and other family business.

Great Sport · World Cup hero Briana Scurry and a brace of college soccer coaches are the proof of Coach Jim Rudy's method.

North 40 · Lobster Girl: How geeks party.