From the editors, to the editors.

Around the Pond
The conundrum of drinking on campus and other recent issues, campaign news, highlights, and news.

Branches of Learning
Featured dean Joe Goldstein of Engineering, and the "Deans' List" of faculty honors.

Live Oak
One of the handful of women sports editors in the country, Deborah Oakley '77 of the Hampshire Gazette.

A Tale of Two Monuments
An obelisk in Washington and a stele link scholars from UMass and China.

BDIC: Home of the Odd Duck
. . .And source of custom-designed education for the highly motivated.

Making it to Mars
A closer encounter with the scientists of the Pathfinder mission, three of whom trained at UMass.

Homecoming 1956
Photographs by then-sophomore Carl Howard '59, and reminiscences by some of his subjects.

The Stella Factor
Our cover prof, the unstoppable Dr. V.

Mixed Media
An artist and a writer produce A Brush with the Blues.

Stephen Oates writes in the voice of Harriet Beecher Stowe in his recent book, The Approaching Storm.

Extended Family
Alumni events in "UMass Gatherings," and "gallery" showcasing UMass talent

Great Sport
Scrum! Ruck! Maul! And those are just the nouns.
A look at UMass rugby.

North 40
How the valley was settled.
And why it's gradually turning maroon.