Homelessness and Housing

Amherst Community Land Trust (ACLT)

The Amherst Community Land Trust works to expand affordable family home-ownership in Amherst while working to stabilize our family-friendly neighborhoods.  Using a well-established community land trust model, the ACLT purchases the land under a house and leases it to the new owner, thus reducing the purchase cost and making it affordable to low or moderate income households.

Massachusetts Fair Housing Center

The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center (also known as the Housing Discrimination Project, Inc.) provides free legal services and accepts housing discrimination complaints based on race, national origin, color, ancestry, religion, sex, disability, presence of minor children, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, marital status, military or veteran status, receipt of public assistance, including Section 8 housing assistance, receipt of housing subsidies or rental assistance, and genetic information.

Providence Ministries

Our mission is to feed, clothe, and house the poor of our community. We’re a 501c3 non-profit organization serving the Holyoke community since 1980.

Amherst Community Connections

Amherst Community Connections provides information/referrals, case management, outreach and advocacy services to help vulnerable individuals and families secure immediate relief as they plan for and achieve long-term stability.

Shelter Sunday - Amherst

Shelter Sunday is an event that collects funds for distribution to organizations which offer services to homeless individuals and families.

Valley Community Development Corporation

Develops affordable housing in addition to providing first-time homebuyer assistance including pre- and post-purchase counseling and technical assistance to start-up or existing small businesses.

Nueva Esperanza

Nueva Esperanza is regarded as a pioneer for community-based programs in the neighborhood. As its leaders go through a reorganization process to align its efforts with community needs of today, the organization seeks to maintain opportunities for resident civic engagement and community empowerment, cultural activities, and include entrepreneurial support for small business startups.

Jessie's House (CHD)

Delivers services to some of the region's most vulnerable people, including shelter and supportive services to the homeless, with clinical and outreach therapeutic services.

Habitat for Humanity Pioneer Valley

Seeks to eliminate homelessness and substandard housing by making decent affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action for all people.


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