UMACC 2020-2021

Making a difference, together! 

A Message From Our Co-chairs 

Dear colleagues, 

As the coronavirus crisis continues, more than ever we are grateful for the ways that members of the UMass community are working to protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

UMACC is an opportunity to make a tangible, profound difference to the nonprofits that are on the front lines caring for those who have been impacted directly by COVID-19 whether they need medical care, housing, or food (to name a few). This is why UMACC donors are superheroes! As a community, where would we be without you, our UMass faculty, staff and retirees? Actions do speak louder than words. Last year we raised $482,000 for nonprofits that depend on us.

Please log in to make your donation now. But most importantly, please know that we appreciate you! If you can't donate this year or donate at the same level, that's okay. If you have ever donated, you still are and will always be a valued donor. Hopefully next year will be better for us all.

Thank you and be well!

Barbara Krauthamer, PhD

Dean, Humanities and Fine Arts

Greg Carvel

Head Coach, UMass Men's Ice Hockey

2020 - 2021 UMACC Goal: $400,000
549 Donors

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